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"Being able to participate in 4 years of undergraduate Alzheimer's research is an incomparable opportunity that has helped me to find my passions, have leadership opportunities, and the ability to present at conferences."
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- Hannah Lindmeier

Class of 2022

Academic Programs

Our nationally-recognized faculty, small class sizes, and interactive learning environments set students up for academic excellence and success in a variety of fields after graduation.

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The Stallion is more than just a mascot, it embodies a way of life. The energy and enthusiasm of the Stallion Spirit can be felt across our campuses in the way we live, celebrate, and thrive here. Join us and become a part of the rich 111-year history of ABAC.


Internships, Mentored Research, Study Abroad, and Leadership Development rest at the heart of ABAC’s mission to provide students with relevant experiences that prepares them for life after graduation.

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